Bridge the Gap has evolved over time as the musical brainchild of two dreamers with compositional capabilities, Jens Broberg and Henrik Vollesen.

The two met in the early 80's in the Danish town Vejle, where they played keyboards, resp. guitars in the local band 'Y-US?'. The band played their own compositions, and the style was as trendy as could be, with typical 80's sound and lyrics.

In 1985, Jens and Henrik both left the band because of their pursuit of university studies. Jens went to Aalborg, while Henrik moved back to Aarhus, where he was already studying. A strange evolution led the two ex-band members to become better friends in spite of distance and diverging careers. Although there were gentle protests from their girlfriends, Jens and Henrik planned to meet on quite a few weekends, and many late nights were spent drinking a variety of alcoholic beverages, listening to great records and drafting songs on paper of varying quality.

Today they have long since finished their studies but the dream of creating a CD with their own compositions persists.

That is why the Band is now forming. Jens Broberg got in touch with two younger Aalborg musicians, Rasmus Will Kristensen and Rasmus Ladevig. Both are playing in other formations, but in Bridge The Gap they have the task of providing bass and drums and good ideas to the band's compositions.


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